Q&A for Certificate of Residence (COR)

Q&A for Certificate of Residence (COR)

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Question from client:
With which countries does Bangladesh have DTA (Double Tax Agreement) to avoid double taxation?

Answer from Evershine RD:

Albania Georgia Mauritius South Africa
Armenia Germany Mexico Spain
Australia Greece Mongolia Sri Lanka
Austria Hong Kong Montenegro Sudan
Bangladesh Hungary Morocco Sweden
Belarus Iceland Mozambique Switzerland
Belgium Indonesia Myanmar Syria
Bhutan Ireland Namibia Tajikistan
Botswana Israel Nepal Tanzania
Brazil Italy Netherlands Thailand
Bulgaria Japan New Zealand Trinidad and Tobago
Canada Jordan Norway Turkey
China Kazakhstan Oman Turkmenistan
Colombia Kenya Philippines Uganda
Croatia Korea Poland Ukraine
Cyprus Kuwait Portugal United Arab Emirates
Czech Republic Kyrgyzstan Qatar United Kingdom
Denmark Latvia Romania United States
Egypt Libya Russian Federation Uruguay
Estonia Lithuania Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan
Ethiopia Luxembourg Serbia Vietnam
Fiji Macedonia Singapore Zambia
Finland Malaysia Slovak Republic
France Malta Slovenia

Question from client:
Under what circumstances do I need to apply for a Certificate of Bangladesh tax residence?

Answer from Evershine RD:

A Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) is a certificate issued by the Income Tax Department to the Bangladeshn Residents who earn income from countries with which Bangladesh has a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement, to claim DTAA benefit.

Question from client:
What is the procedure for applying for an Bangladesh tax residency certificate? What form should I fill out? What are the required documents? Government website?

Answer from Evershine RD:

  1. A resident taxpayer can file a manual application in Form 10FA to the Assessing Officer (‘AO’) for obtaining TRC in Bangladesh.
    1. Form No. 10FA can be downloaded from the below link: https://www.incometaxbangladesh.gov.in/forms/income-tax.pdf
  1. The following particulars would need to be furnished in the newly prescribed Form 10FA:

(i) Full Name and address of the assessee

(ii) Status (individual, firm or company)

(iii) Country of incorporation/ registration

(iv) Address during the period for which TRC is desired

(v) Email ID

(vi) PAN/ Tax Deduction Account Number (if applicable)

(vii) Basis on which the status of being resident in Bangladesh is claimed

(viii) Period for which the TRC is applicable

(ix) Purpose of obtaining TRC

(x) Any other detail

  1. The application form along with supporting documents must be submitted to the AO. The New Rule provides that the AO, on receipt of the application and on being satisfied of the particulars contained therein, should issue the TRC to the resident in Form 10FB.

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