Bangladesh-Dhaka One-stop Services dac4ww

Bangladesh-Dhaka One-stop Services dac4ww

Evershine provide one-stop services including company registration, accounting, tax, payroll compliance supported by our cloud system.

A-16, 1st Floor, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Qutub Institutional Area, Dhaka, 110067, Bangladesh
Manager Punit Singh Negi , speak in Bangladeshn and English.
Skype: cspunitnegi

Dhaka Company Registration

Service Coverage
Company Registration
*Food Special Industry Permission
*Internet Service Provider- Let your web-station registered in China
*E-commerce operation Certificate Application

*Trademark Registration
*Work Permit Application
*Bangladesh Z-Visa Application
*Work Certificate Application
*Residence Permit Application

Evershine CPAs Firm Service Features
Staff speaking in English & Chinese. International tax planning assistance by Taiwan headquarters with English, Japanese, Indonesian & Malaysian speakers.
How to identify what kind of entity to register in Bangladesh?

With Tax ID? Issues Sales Invoices? Legal Entity? Wholly owned by a Foreigner?
Representative office Yes No No Yes
Branch Yes Yes No Yes**
Subsidiary Yes Yes Yes Yes
Joint Venture Yes Yes Yes No

**Indirectly owned by Bangladesh WFOE.

1) Representative Office
1.1 Expenditure payment to company’s vendors and employees
1.2 Payroll compliance issues handling
1.3 No need to issue local invoices in your representative office
1.4 The sale is directed to the parent company

2) Consulting WFOE
2.1 It is a legal entity and independent domestic company
2.2 Some cities can only issue General Sales Invoice, not VAT Sales Invoice
2.3 Minimum Capital is on company’s business plan

3) Trading WFOE
3.1 It is a legal entity and independent domestic company
3.2 General and VAT Sales Invoices issuance, expense payments and inventory purchasing
3.3 Minimum Capital is on company’s business plan

4) Manufacturing WFOE
4.1 It is a legal entity and independent domestic company
4.2 Issues General and VAT Sales Invoices
4.3 Minimum Capital depends on company’s business plan

5) Branch owned by Bangladesh WFOE
(After setting up Bangladesh WFOE, you can set up branch everywhere in Bangladesh)
5.1 Direct issuance of sales invoice to the client by your branch
5.2 Payment of expenditures and inventory purchasing
5.3 Not a legal entity; all of its behavior is on behalf of your Bangladesh WFOE

Dhaka WFOE Online Accountant Services

After completing WFOE Registration, we provide Trust-EnhanserR 4 in 1 services:
*Accounting and Tax Compliance

*Payroll Compliance
*Cloud Accounting System Platform

We provide Trust-EnhanserR 4 in 1 services for these enterprises (abbreviated as WFOE) in Bangladesh. We undertake four functions including Accounting & Tax, Finance & Payroll Compliance, and Cloud System Provision. WFOE stands for Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises.

We will act as your in-house accountant using web-platform system to create a collaborative working environment. Evershine staff don’t need to sit in your office but act as your accountants.

No need for you to fill your Accounting, Finance, Payroll and IT Departments in your WFOE in Bangladesh. Fraud-proof, Seamless collaboration, Hassle-free are some of our service features.

Your company’s CFO or any assignee can approve payment requests and do the money transfer through online banking anytime, anywhere!

As Evershine’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), we issue monthly reports within seven (7) days in compliance with IFRS.

We use a web-platform in servicing our clients belonging to our spin-off company, Evershine BPO Service Corp.

Our service also includes:
Payroll Cycle — Leave Application, Shifting Schedule, Payroll Calculation, Insurance, Pension Fund, Pay Slip Provision
Expenditure Cycle — Expenses: Employee, Office & Travel
Receiving Cycle — From Order to Cash
Payment Cycle — Purchases to Payment
General Ledger — Records to Report
VAT Filing
Cost Accounting

Dhaka Payroll and Attendance Service

Evershine use online payroll and attendance system support our services. System include 5 modules: Scheduling ; GPS Clocking ; Leave ; Overtime ; Salary.

There are three service patterns (code: F, B, S) in Payroll and Attendance Service. These services can be adopted by all kinds of industries and all kinds of scenarios.
F: All use Evershine Salary module and attendance 4 modules: staff scheduling, clocking, leave, overtime.
B: You will use your own scheduling and clocking module in attendance work. We will use Evershine Salary module to serve you. Besides, Batch Cross Check processing will be generated by Evershine and delivered over to your personnel staff.
S: You only use partly modules (complete = 5 modules for salary, scheduling, clocking, leave and overtime), Or although you use of 5 complete modules, but for some reasons, is provided by different vendors of the system, data cannot be integrated. Batch Cross Check processing will be generated by Evershine and delivered over to your personnel staff.

Our Service Coverage
* Company Registration of Bangladesh WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Entity)
* Work Permit application in Bangladesh
* Working Visa Application in Bangladesh
* Local Services for expatriates like airport pick-up, hotel and renting, bank account etc,.
* Online Payroll Management System
* File for listing and delisting of Social Insurance and Housing Fund
* Gross salary calculation based on fixed and non-fixed salary, Leave and Overtime
* Social Insurance Charge paid by the company and employee
* Housing Fund Charge paid by the company and employee
* Withholding Tax
* Gross salary and net-cash salary
* Salary wire transferring services
* Delivering payment slip to each employee
* Accepting query from each employee.
* Monthly withholding tax report to Tax Bureau.
* Severance pay application

Our Online Payroll Management System includes the following modules:
* Online Basic Data collection
* Online Scheduling Module
* Online GPS Clocking Module* Online Payroll Parameter collection
* Online Leave authorization
* Online Overtime authorization
* Online Payroll Calculation
* Online Proposal authorization
* Online Pay slip
* Custom tailor made if necessary
* Salary wire transferring services through local web banking function authorized by three roles including “Maker”, “Reviewer” & “Approver”. Evershine staff will play “Maker” role.

Other Services
*Market Expansion services
*Market Research
*Trademark Application
*Domain Name (.cn) Application
*Due Diligence

Contact Us

Dhaka Evershine BPO Service Limited Corp.
A-16, 1st Floor, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Qutub Institutional Area, Dhaka, 110067, Bangladesh
Manager Punit Singh Negi , speak in Bangladeshn and English.
Skype: cspunitnegi
For investment structure relevant with multi-national tax planning and Financial & Legal Due Diligence for M&A (Merge and Acquisition), send an email to
Dale Chen, Principal Partner/CPA in Taiwan+China+UK will be accountable to your case.
linkedin address:Dale Chen

Additional Information

Evershine has 100% affiliates in the following cities:
Headquarter, Taipei, Xiamen, Beijing, Shanghai,
New York, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix,
Tokyo, Seoul, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok,
Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Dubai,
New Delhi, Mumbai, Dhaka, Jakarta,
Frankfurt, Paris, London, Amsterdam,
Milan, Barcelona, Bucharest,
Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto

Other cities with existent clients:
Miami, Atlanta, Oklahoma, Michigan, Seattle, Delaware;
Berlin, Stuttgart; Prague; Czech Republic; Bangalore; Surabaya;
Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Donguan, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Yongkang, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan, Nanjing, Chongqing, Xuchang, Qingdao, Tianjin.

Evershine Potential Serviceable City (2 months preparatory period):
Evershine CPAs Firm is an IAPA member firm headquartered in London, with 300 member offices worldwide and approximately 10,000 employees.
Evershine CPAs Firm is a LEA member headquartered in Chicago, USA, it has 600 member offices worldwide and employs approximately 28,000 people.
Besides, Evershine is Taiwan local Partner of ADP Streamline ®.
(version: 2022/03)

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